The King in Green

On the Run

The entire group got to play, except for Scott (The Human Gladiator) and Alex (The Bugbear Fighter). The party escaped the city, practically moon walking their way through a challenge which should have been difficult, but wasn’t… They convinced Guy (who was wounded) instead to stay with the party, while they disguised the prison wagon (a huge, armored affair, drawn by 4 horses) into a carriage holding a family of Drow country-squires and their servants.

Guy Tremiere couldn’t drive the wagon, so Forethought (Changeling Assassin, played by Robert) took over. Somehow the Red Legion camp (and the small village nearby) was nowhere to be found! Bad news followed as the party finds out they were being pursued by shadowy flocks of Ravens and a militia posse!

The combat dragged a bit. My chase-scene should have been handled in a few rolls, instead of letting it get to a combat where only three of the characters really got to do anything. The swarms of raven hit better this time though, and the players are a little injured now, and the combat ended on a cliffhanger with the player’s wagon destroyed, a lieutenant in the militia and his posse in hot pursuit.

Hopefully next time, all the players will get to participate and combat won’t drag on for hours. I am thinking of instituting a few changes… having one or two of the players track numbers, instituting a turn length limit, especially for me! I’m also going to insist players describe their actions in game terms after their rolls in order to foster engagement.

Bar Fight!

The players met each other in a bar.. the cliche’d opening was supposed to begin right away with a bar fight followed by the players escaping (narrowly) with a mercenary leader.

Mostly went well character-wise… The Halfling Bard Timothy Huxley didn’t accomplish much, I get the feeling Scott (the player of the Bard) feels marginalized in the very striker-heavy group. All the enemies were pushovers, they were designed to last 5 rounds, but only lasted on average 2.5 before being killed, the “boss” being killed in the first round! I’ll make the players sorry they used their Dailies this soon.

It was like the players were moon-walking their way through all the skill challenges!

I have too many strikers and striker-esque characters in the group. Damage-dealing and hitpoints are going to have to be balanced.


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