Chapter 2

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" Oh, I won’t desert you — I admit the idea crossed my mind, but you are all Legion material, though you may deny it! I plan to get you to join my company! By the Light, it is your destiny! I have the perfect plan to get you out of this, I promise! "

Part the First


Oh my, you sir, are a preeminent storyteller! You wove the end of that last tale so marvelously, except… in my foggy recollection, and you will be the first to correct me, good sir, but as I recall there was more to the story than simply dragging good sir Guy to the nearest apothecary and leaving him in the loving hands of some beautiful nurse. Oh! I seem to have run a bit dry here, fetch me more ale, would you please?

Aherm… Now that the more, shall we say, argumentative party is out of ear-shot let me give you the REAL story about what happened afterwards.

Our ever glorious Heroes fled pellmell through the streets of Grun, not to bust down the doors of the city-guard and demand retribution,mind you, but through the Court of Flowers — and oh what a poetic name for a foul place that is — with a seriously wounded Guy Tremiere tagging along as best he can! Their pursuit tailed off quickly, and Guy claimed to have lodgings in which the party can hide for a few days on the outskirts of the city. Guy also claimed to know a few people who could help get the party out of the city TO those lodgings — for you see, the city gates were undoubtedly guarded by the same shadowy figures which wished to assassinate our good friends!

Guy proposed the party of heroes should lay low until nightfall in what he assured the members was an entirely upstanding hostel and not at all a very unsanitary brothel; as it happened to appear.

Frankly, there are a lot of adjectives someone could have picked to describe the denizens of this whorehouse — dirty, messy, filthy even — but slovenly best fits the description; in fact, the unofficial name of the brothel happened to be the “Slovenly Trull”; the official name of the place being unknown as it doesn’t even have a sign!

Not at all like this fine young filly here, no sir! Come here! Ahh lass, quiet your protestations, for I aim to woo you in my chambers tonight, my beauty! You are like the rising sun.. no a million rising suns, compared to even the most appealing of the filthy beasts living there! Give us a kiss, will you, lass? Ahh, there’s a good girl! Off you go, and I’ll be seeing you later!

Where was I.. oh yes, the guard seemed pretty light on the ground in that particular quarter of the city, and at the very least, our Heroes could spend a few minutes having a short rest if one didn’t mind the vermin. Ever vivacious Guy, needed his wounds bound before he bleed himself to death, and with his last breaths Guy laid two gold crowns down on the counter to silence the matriarch “trulling” the establishment — and so a very small room was procured.

In true heroic fashion, Guy elaborates on his plan while being tended to, wincing only slightly..

Ahhh there’s a fine fellow! Thank you for fetching the Ale! I was just right now filling in on the story while you were gone! Oh, you were standing over my shoulder the whole time, were you? Well then, you should remember young Guy’s plan then, please fill your eager audience’s ears, and the space between, with something to replace the lice, stuffing, and wax that currently takes residence there!

Not comfortable retelling this tale then, are you? Then I shall continue! Guy instructed that the group should wait there at the Trull while he went and fetched the Legion. He would come back and have a veritably foolproof way to get out there! Why, the heroes would all disguise themselves and he could escort them out of the city to the lodgings where the party would stay for a few days until the heat died down.

“Just stay inside here for the next few hours and don’t go outside,” he asks, before pushing off.

Editor’s Note: Session 1 notes here!

Part the Second

Editor’s Note: Session 2 notes here!
The party flee from the city towards the awaiting camp of the Red Legion, in a prison wagon cleverly disguised as the refurbished vehicle of a family of low-born Elves. Not knowing until some moments later, they were being chased by the maleficent Lt. Stayne. No doubt, the adventurers wondered: “How could he see through their ruse? Could he be the fiend wanting the party dead?!”

When Forethought grabbed the reins from the wounded Guy Tremiere, the horses bolted after being startled by an unnatural murder of ravens. Forethought urged the horses on ever faster as the Ravens attacked the party, unveiling their true nature — to be creatures of shadow! The way to the encampment should have been short and easy, only barely out of site of the city gates; but somehow the encampment was nowhere to be found!

With time running out and the serial-murder of Ravens blotting out the sun, things looked grim. Thinking out of the box and with a lot of luck, the halfling monk, Corrin, and the Bugbear Keri, lashed together a broken spear, several rotting blankets, and the halfling — turning him into an flying weapon of kicks and acrobatics that took down half of the attacking flock!

Forethought loses control of the horses pulling the wagon after an unlucky strike by the shadowy ravens; who formed streaking comets of darkness as they arrowed in on their victims. A few tense seconds of trying to control the panicked beasts failed, and the wagon was destroyed, the horses impaled by broken fencing along the roadway, strangled and struggling by their harness or trapped and crushed beneath the heavy wagon.

Some of the party had the wherewithal to fall from the careening wagon, to meet the oncoming Lt. Stayne, but three of the members were trapped beneath it: Glorp, “Keri” Kerringer, and the wounded Guy Tremiere.

Chapter 2

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