Radiant Servant


Pelor’s clerics are called Radiant Servants.

These clerics have been granted great powers of Pelor’s divine strength and the power to work miracles. Not all priests of Pelor have been granted control of His divine power, in fact only 5 priests in the last 80 years have ever received the Light of Pelor!

The Light of Pelor

The Light of Pelor is the physical power of Pelor’s Will. It usually manifests itself during a priests’ Ordination ceremony, and does not grant any actual position in the hierarchy of the church. The act of receiving Pelor’s Light is called: Illumination.

As the avatars of Pelor’s will; Radiant Servants are expected to uphold Pelor’s teachings, and guide the church away from dangers and heresies. They are also expected to preform all the rites and services of any other priest of the Orthodoxy.

Many in the Orthodoxy secretly consider Radiant Servants to be a religion all to themselves, or a more pure form of the Orthodoxy. The Orthodoxy officially labels such beliefs as heresy, and several short-lived schisms have occurred over the role of Radiant Servants in the Orthodoxy, leading to the excommunications and exile of many Pelorians.

The strictures of Pelorian Hierarchy and politics often mean these Radiant Servants are relegated to positions outside the normal power structure and can wield very little control over the Orthodox Union of Pelor’s Bureaucracy. Their role to protect the church from Heresies has been entirely taken over by the Ecumenical Council.

Playing a Cleric in Central Oerth

Count yourself lucky! You are only one of five priests in the last 80 years, and one of only two in the last 15 years to be granted such a privilege by Pelor. As a Radiant Servant, you are most likely still a Novice or have only recently been granted your own Priory. You have many years of studious devotion to your superiors and parishioners before you ascend the bureaucratic hierarchy.

No one knows exactly why so few Radiant Servants have gained the Light of Pelor in recent decades. The Archimandrite is the only Radiant Servant on the Ecumenical Council, and even Pelor hasn’t told him yet!

Note: the Orthodox Union of Pelor is not the only church of Pelor in Central Oerth, there are several very very small temples unaffiliated with the Orthodoxy, but all of these are far from the central power-base of the Orthodoxy in Grun. The political power of the Orthodoxy is such that these temples make up less than 1% of all Pelorians in the region, and this number is steadily shrinking. Should you choose a character background outside of the Orthodoxy, be aware that the number of clerics of any branch of Pelor has been dwindling as well! Additionally, the Orthodoxy view non-orthodox Pelorians with contempt and see them as Heretics.

Dress and Mannerisms

Pelorian Clerics in Central Oerth prefer to wear white, sky blue, or pale yellow as these are the acceptable colors of the robes of office for a Novice priest. A priest granted their own priory is allowed to wear a belt and hood with the official colors of their priory.

You are generally well educated in History and especially the History of Pelor, the Political Powerbase of Grun, and slightly more educated about the world beyond than your average commoner. You have not been sheltered from the mundane tasks many commoners must preform, as you yourself preformed them as one of the scores of Candidates that train at the schools of the Temple of Light.

You should genuinely care about the plight of the poor and seek to guide them from their impure thoughts. You may or may not have come from the ranks of these poor, but in general your position in the Orthodoxy has meant that you are always better fed, better clothed, and better educated than the common rabble, and so have become divorced from their ways.

Radiant Servant

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