The King's Cup

Carved Sayings

Light-colored carved oak panels line the base of walls around the main-room, these are inscribed with various saying in ancient Nerathi, Elven, and Dwarven languages. Support beams arch over head, with artistic symbols of the moon, sun, and birds.

Nerathi: [Pax vobis ego. Placeas et pectus pectoris laboro ne timeas. Aliorum minuetur dolor, alii laetitiae augetur.]

Dwarven: [Khaghaghut’yun , tam dzez. Calō apanē dila parēśāna hō sakatā hai aura kyā nahīṁ kara sakatā ḍara nahīṁ]

Elven: [Síochána, an féidir liom a thabhairt duit. Ná lig do gcroí a bheith buartha agus ná bíodh eagla ort. Tá daoine eile ’pian laghdú, tá daoine eile áthas méadaithe.]


The King’s Cup is a bustling Tavern and Inn serving the well-paid stevedores and sailors of the Docks district, along with the occasional traveler seeking passage aboard one of Grun’s many merchant ships. It is surprisingly clean, well-lit, and friendly.

Despite there being no bouncers, scuffles and bar-room brawls are rare; perhaps due to the relatively up-scale nature of the place.

In the evenings, the tavern often features live music, dancing, and general merry-making.

The King's Cup

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